Saturday, 27 September 2014

Christ almighty!
     Okay now that's out of the way....

  I'm having a crazy week... so from past blogs we know a bit about this place anyway. However what we didn't know was what an impact it was going to have.

 I finished the upper level and thought I better submit it for the destination guide, with it being the weekend I knew it wouldn't be visited till Monday at the earliest. So Monday came and so did the destination guide guy I have come to recognise from past builds. He was there.. 10 minutes.. that's how long it took to be placed in the editors picks... I was blown away!

  Then came the mad panic of ... OMG  I have one functional level with minimal books on the shelves!  So I split my time between building the lower level and filling the shelves. I know I said I was feeling burnt out on my last blog , but that was nothing compared to how I was going to feel. I did it though and within a couple of days had  two levels open with enough material in the shelves to keep visitors busy. I'm now working on a third and possible final level .. prims depending which I hope to have done by the end of the weekend.

Okay so its the day after I started writing this, progress was halted as a friend stopped by so we had a chat and a drink.. yay!  So where was I up to? oh yes I was waffling on about how unexpected its popularity was and is. This ties in nicely with the most unexpected thing the library has brought me so far. I was lucky enough to receive a visit from Ebbe Linden. I will confess I had no idea he was even 13 meters away from me until a notification popped up from him. So once again I shall say , I really ought to pay more attention to what goes on around me.  Another nice bit of news came with a kind offer from a resident about becoming a volunteer. This is desperately needed as I am to put it bluntly on my ass at the moment.. and no I don't mean I am sat down :p  Rather I mean I am desperately tired, though with one chamber to go and the building work is done, I can see the end. 

I am definitely looking forward to more of the pic above! Spending time with people instead of being stuck alone in dark empty spaces for hours and days on end. I guess the final thing to say here is .... I think this is IT , I don't know if I could ever do better. Out of everything I have done, I am finally satisfied with what I have given to SL. Its actually worth something... and for me to say that is massive. I'm never happy with anything I do. 

As Always....